unconventional love story of a vampire

Author: Aryama Ray

Just watched the movie twilight.I have heard about this bestselling book before from my student but never got a chance to read it.Its really a nice movie and it can prove your some traditional conception about vampire wrong.This is a story about a girl who falls in love with a very handsome but strange boy from her new school.As story rolled up bella found her love interest to be a vampire.But he was not an usual vampire as we used to watch in scary vampire movies.And I think the most interesting part of the movie lies here.Once my student had told me that she cherished Edward as her dream boyfriend. Now I think she's right.Edward is a perfect boyfriend.The next part of the movie 'New Moon' has just released.Just Have a look to this poster...

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  1. gravatar navin Says:

    Nice review, and a cool blog template...
    Gotta get hold of a copy of the book and watch the movie soon... :)

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